Angel and the 3 kids

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Angel and the 3 kids Empty Angel and the 3 kids

Post by Cursakandine on Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:38 pm

One day, there are 3 kids named, Peter, John and Jerry went up to a mountain. They met a Angel.
The Angel said, jump down the mountain and shout for your favourite drinks.
Peter jumped and shouted Milk, eventually he landed in a pool of milk.
John jumped and shouted Green Tea, eventually he landed in a pool of green tea.
Jerry asked the Angel, if he could ask for other things than just favourite drinks. The Angel replied "Yes, you can, as long as you like it.".
Jerry jumped and shout AEROPLANE! However, the aeroplane crash him instead. He was alive, he asked the Angel "Didn't you say I can ask for anything?" The angel replied "Ya, I said, as long as you like it" and gave a smile.

So Jerry really like to get crash by aeroplane~ What a great hobby to have! Very Happy

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